Rachel Hines

Call me when you get this

Call me when you get this

Notes left for my viewer in the hopes of reaching them.

While living in the Middle East, I was asked to exhibit my work in New York. Wishing that I could be there for the opening, I asked that these notes be left for the gallery goers in my absence. During the exhibition I got several phone calls. Some I was able to converse with at the time that they called. Other people left voice messages or sent texts.

Here are a few samples:
6/25/10 10:09 AM Arlington, TX “Wuz good”
5/28/10 3:12 AM Savannah, GA “Call me when you get this. Matt”
5/23/10 11:46 PM New York, NY “I just called it. Oh. Say ‘hey’. HI! Say ‘call us back’. Um. I don’t know. Here we are.”
5/19/10 7:21 AM “Just wanted to call and let you know I love you. I’m if you’re thinking about you. Okay, bye bye.”

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