Undocumented Projects

Many pieces cannot be documented. Some simply were not documented. Below is a list of some of those projects.

  • Dancing with strangers – Two people, traveling in opposite directions along the same path attempt to avoid one another. In an effort to get out of the other person’s way each party is blocked momentarily. These adjustments continue to happen until one person stops the cycle. Sometimes I instigate these interactions. Other times it happens naturally.


  • Non-physical contact – Subways and crowded places are ideal for this kind of practice. Standing so near to another human you can breathe on their neck, and visa versa. Eye contact can be held longer. Anonymity relieves fears and loosens social boundaries. I take advantage at every opportunity, walking the line of comfort and claustrophobia.


  • Follow your nose – The interaction between human and pet is riddled with complexities. Rather than forcing my dog to follow me, I trust his nose (with far superior sensors) to lead us on our walks. He has taken me to some strange places I would not have dared to go without him. Following requires a sensitivity and an openness that is difficult to maintain. Dogs live in the moment. I find it much harder than he does.


  • Other Rachel’s – I’ve moved quite frequently in my life. It offers a chance for transformation which is appealing. I can be a new Rachel each time. I was married at 20. My name changed from Rachel Parsons to Rachel Hines. I often wonder what would have happened to each of my previous selves. Therefore, I now track other Rachel Hines’ and Rachel Parsons’ via Google. The other Rachels, to name a few, are: member of the NRA, Olympic ice skater, sex offender, dreadlock aficionado, journalist, doctor, marketing VP, and many more.


  • Painting – I continue to do small, personal narratives. These are usually on long scrolls. They stem from dreams and experiences. Not pictured here, they serve as a journal and a place to process.